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Tap Tap Revenge Winning Music Tracks


By now, everyone, well, almost everyone knows that Tap Tap Revenge is one of the most popular game downloads on Apple’s App Store. Tapulous Inc, the company that is behind the casual music game did and is still doing a few things right to pull this off.

Music Games Are Trendy

The music game genre is all the rage in 2007 & 2008. Some estimates put the music video games market at a very sizeable 40% of the total video game market. Tap Tap Revenge is riding this hot trend on the iPhone platform craze.

Tap Tap Revenge Getting Social

These Tapulous guys not only know how to develop a cool but simple music game but they also know how to market it, in a cost-effective Web 2.0 way, i.e. taking advantage of social media tools and techniques available and turning the Tap Tap Revenge gamers into a social network. The words about Tap Tap Revenge just spread like fire across the internet and the blogsphere. For example,

Youtube already has a lot of user submitted Tap Tap Revenge review videos. Just go there and search for Tap Tap Revenge review on

And they created this “Tapulous Winners’ Circle” after running a free music giveaway contest co-organized with Lala ( is a website for independent lables). A lot of people participated in the contest and surveys and generated a lot of data for Tapulous to later embed / include more music tracks in the Tap Tap Revenge game.

Developing the right game is only half the battle. Promoting it cheaply is the other, arguably more important half.

Updated: Tap Tap Revolution

So what’s Tap Tap Revolution (TTR)? Is it the same as Tap Tap Revenge. It turns out that an iPhone developer extraordinaire named Nate True built this original game called Tap Tap Revolution and then sold his game to Tapulous to be renamed Tap Tap Revenge.

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